Shampoo, Crudoleum 8oz from Heritage Store
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Shampoo, Crudoleum 8oz from Heritage Store

Only $5.95
Shampoo, Crudoleum 8oz from Heritage Store

Shampoo, Crudoleum 8oz from Heritage Store
If you're looking for the benefits of a mild Crudoleum treatment, along with the tingle of a scalp treatment shampoo, then this is the perfect combination. Crude oil and peppermint oils stimulate the circulation while olive and coconut oil soaps provide strong cleansing action.

Your hair will be softly manageable with a healthy bounce and a pleasantly clean scent.

Water; Olive Oil DEA (olive oil soap); Potassium Cocoate (coconut oil soap); Pure Pennsylvania Crude Oil; Lauric Diethanolomide (sudsing agent); Natural Peppermint Oil.

Shake well before using. Avoid contact with eyes. Supervise use by young children.

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