ThermoGenics Plus Quick Start Rapid Weight Loss 90 Capsules
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Thank you very much. I bought Zantrex in your shop and I feel GREAT! It’s really works! I’ve tryed! Thx, Nutrition
V.C. from Baltimore, MD  
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ThermoGenics Plus Quick Start Rapid Weight Loss 90 Capsules

Only $27.99
ThermoGenics Plus Quick Start Rapid Weight Loss 90 Capsules

Thermogenics Quick Start is Clinically Proven Rapid Weight Loss.



  • No Diet
  • No Exercise
  • No Calories Counting

    Tired of hearing that the best way to lose weight is to lose it slowly over a long period of time? It's true alright, but there's only one problem... Once you finally decide to lose excess body weight and spongy, figure destroying body fat, you want to see visible results and you want to see visible results FAST! We don't blame you.

    Ready to Lose Excess Body Fat?

    Finally, there's a clinically proven, fast-acting weight loss product, protected by a United States Patent and specifically developed to "jump start" any weight loss program by producing a rapid significant loss of excess body weight and unsightly body fat. It's the NEW ThermoGenics Plus?"Quick Start?quot; formula -- and it works! But you don't have to take our word for it...we've got the proof!

    Weight loss "six times [613% to be exact] greater for the active group as compared to the placebo group."
    - Journal of the American College of Nutrition

    But that's not all! More than two-thirds of the weight loss consisted of pure, unsightly excess body fat! And there's more! . . .the significant rapid loss of excess body fat occurred just by taking the "Quick Start?quot; compound... without following a calorie restricted diet or exercise program! That's right! The study concludes that the active "Quick Start?quot; compound "appears to be a safe and effective intervention for weight loss and positive body composition changes over a 6-week period in non-exercising or calorie control conditions."

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